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Technology Solutions
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Imagine. Design. Deliver.

Imagine. Design. Deliver.

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Neon sign 'Do Great Things' The creative minds at 13 Blues are dedicated to collaboratively designing, building and delivering custom solutions to meet your unique business needs; solutions that truly fit your business.  Off-the-shelf software, canned cloud services, and enterprise systems alone, rarely address all the possible operational and administrative processes required to run your business and satisfy your customers' needs.  We're passionate about helping you bridge those gaps!
We take a holistic approach to solution design.  Education and professional experience in industrial & systems engineering, application architecture & development, data analytics, user experience, human factors, and process improvement, provide us with a broad toolkit to address all facets of your business technology improvement opportunities.


service image We offer a variety of technology services to help improve your business operation's efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy.  From data collection to custom applications and data analytics, we have the experience in many facets of the modern technology stack.  We want to help you succeed, whether it requires intricate collaborative design of a business wide solution or tailor made guided education in using the tools and software you've already invested in.

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Draftsmans table with tools Technology needs across the full spectrum of users and industries have many commonalities but there are nuances within each industry that an experienced technology professional will utilize to provide a more informed approach.  Our experience extends across several industries and provides us with a unique ability to consider industry specific regulations and draw on best practices from each when designing a solution or providing consulting services.

Industry Experience

We have experience delivering solutions and services in a variety of industries.
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Technical Experience

The following are just some of the tools, techniques, software, and skills we have experience working with or employing to solve problems for our customers.