Privacy Policy

At 13 Blues we value your personal privacy and and understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality in today's digitally connected world.  We aim to strike an appropriate balance of maintaining personal information privacy while still providing personalized and user friendly solutions and services that utilize some collected information.   This policy may be updated from time to time as needed.  Please refer to this page for the latest available version.

When does 13 Blues collect my personal information?

You may provide personal information to 13 Blues in a couple of ways: (1) by sharing your e-mail or other contact information when contacting us and inquiring about our solutions and services, or (2) by sharing your e-mail and other information when registering an account to access tools or solutions provided to you by 13 Blues.  We may also ask for other information in order to support you as a client/customer in the event we are providing solutions or services to you.
In addition to personal information such as name, street, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers, we may also collect other unique analytic information.  This may include the operating system & internet browser of the devices you use to access our sites, solutions or services, as well as the domain name of your internet service provider, and the web sites you visit directly before and after accessing 13 Blues sites, solutions, or services.

How does 13 Blues use my personal information?

Our sole purpose for collecting personal information is to provide the best experience possible for our current and future clients and customers.   The more we know about you, the better we may be able to tailor our services and solutions to suit your personal preferences.  The e-mail address you provide may be used by us for any reason, such as contacting you for direct marketing, end-user support, customer surveys, and advising you of any changes to our sites, solutions or services  You may change your preferences by contacting us directly and at any time and will only be contacted in manners consistent with your stated preferences.

Non-personally identifiable information, such as device and browser information described above, may be shared in aggregate form with third party business partners as may be useful in supporting delivery of services and solutions utilizing services from these third party business partners.  E.g. Browser and OS information used to troubleshoot cloud based applications hosted by 13 Blues but utilizing third party services from providers such as Microsoft, Tableau, etc.

Personally identifiable information is never shared or sold.

Does 13 Blues Use Third Party Cookies?

Many third party service providers utilize cookies as part of delivering their services.  Some of these cookies are required to utilize the service such as session or authentication cookies.  Other cookies may collect important user anlytical information that is used to log errors and usage statistics to help improve their products.  Finally, the most well known cookies are those used for targeted advertising and marketing.  Please check this page for the most current list of third party service providers used within 13 Blues sites, services and solutions and for links to those providers' privacy and cookie policies.

Third Party Service Providers

Is there anything else I should know about my privacy when using 13 Blues sites, services or solutions?

At 13 Blues, we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously.  We are committed to the responsible use of the personal and sensitive information collected from and about clients, business partners and others who provide such information to us.  This commitment is in accordance with both state and federal regulations concerning the use of such private and/or sensitive information.  All such data is also handled in accordance with our own regularly reviewed data classification, retention, and disposal policies.